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My Little Light School (K-9th grade)


Mi Pequeña Luz (My Little Light) provides an education for some of the most underpriviledged children in our area. Many of the enrolled children would not attend school in the absence of MPL. We understand that a basic education is an essential ingredient to escape the cycle of poverty; moreover, the school provides opportunities to minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the families of the students.


We are able to impart Biblical principles while providing a full primary education (through 10th grade in Nicaragua) for more than 300 students.


At the present, we are unable to provide classes beyond 9th grade, but through the help of generous supporters, we are able to maintain an informal scholarship program to assist poor families in enrolling children in another school to continue their education. 





If you have an interest in helping by sponsoring a child attending My Little Light on a continuing basis, approximately $35 US dollars per month is sufficient for educational materials and some nutritional and urgent medical needs. Please contact us and we will be able to provide you with specific details of children available for sponsorship.

If you would like to help but are unable to make a sponsorship commitment, we would gratefully receive contributions in general for the school. There are non-recurring expenses as well, including construction needed for the school's expansion.



Children's Ministries

Friday Children's Ministry

This was one the first ministries of YWAM Nicaragua.  The purpose of the ministry is to instruct the child on the Word of God from a young age.  The kids from the neighborhood come to the base every Friday to worship the Lord and get to know Him more. 

The idea of the ministry is to tell Bible stories chronologically and creatively. This ministry has 20 years of existence and the whole Bible has been taught 10 times to the new generations. This ministry has a big impact on the community.  Many of the children attending are not allowed to go to church by their parents, and the fact that YWAM is a ministry, has opened the doors for many generations to hear the word creatively, in more detail.


Princess & Princes Ministry

We get together once a week with the boys and girls ages 8-14 in our neighborhood of Berlin, to teach them their identities as sons and daughters of God through the Bible, creative Arts, dance, and sports. 


Soccer Ministry

We believe that sports are a great way to reach the youth! We have two teams of our neighborhood youth our staff trains to compete against other teams in Diriamba. 


King's Kids Camp

This Camp is for youth and children in which the kids have an opportunity to encounter God, learn to hear His voice and how to do a personal Bible devotional, learn dramas and choreographies, and go on a mini-outreach to put what they learned into practice to Make God Known. 

The purpose of King's Kids is:

1.To equip the child/youth to grow on their relationship with God, providing a solid biblical foundation and motivate them to develop a character into the image of Christ through the personal application of the Truth.

2. Challenge the child/youth to get involved in missions and world evangelism, with YWAM or other ministries, awakening in them a burden to reach the unreachables, imparting to them vision to influence and impact all the areas of society and commiting to strengthen the body of Christ worldwide.

3.Impart to the child/youth an understanding of King's Kids and YWAM International, our values, our calling and service opportunities with YWAM.  

4. Prepare the child/youth to serve the local church and their community.


Ending Bible Poverty in Nicaragua

Bibles for Nicaragua is a project to give the Scripture without cost to every home in Nicaragua. It is the collaboration of individuals, churches, and ministries working together to achieve this goal. Going systematically house to house, city by city, we are reaching every home.  We believe that as the people of Nicaragua read and apply the scripture to their lives, their communities will be also transformed, and Nicaragua will be changed and blessed. 

Nicaragua is at a unique, providential moment in time. How? For the first time in history, the majority of Nicaraguans can read. This is a fundamental condition for the Scripture to have its full effect on society. Also for the first time ever, all churches, including the Catholic Church, encourage all believers to read the Bible. 

Get Involved

1. PRAY:  Unite with other believers in your church to ask God to prepare the heart of Nicaraguans, to receive the Bibles, and to get them to every Family.


2. GO:  Make arrangements to organize or join a short-term outreach team with a mission focus on Bibles for Nicaragua, going door to door with Nicaraguan Christians, meeting people where they live, and giving a gift that can change a life forever.

This can be the most fulfilling outreach experience. For more info, please contact us at:


3. GIVE:  Bibles for Nicaragua subsidizes the cost of purchasing Bibles for Nicaraguan churches and ministries that are participating in the proyect. Three dollars purchases a Bible and delivers it to a Nicaraguan Family that otherwise would have no access to the Scripture. This is a great investment in the future of a Nation.

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Biblias para Nicaragua

Community Development

The vision for community development at YWAM Diriamba goes beyond the Berlin Neighborhood. It involves a Christian education integrated with evangelism and discipleship through the different projects, which are carried out weekly.

Besides our "My little light" School, in which we have contact with the parents of the 350 students of the community, we also help build homes for those in need, as well as help start small businesses. 

Small Businesses

The small business projects seek to support entrepreneurs looking to start a business from selling coffee or starting a store (grocery store). 

All of these projects began in Bario Berlin, the place where the base is, but now we have taken it to other cities where the churches ask us for help. This is part of what God has called us to do as YWAM Diriamba, and one of the ways we are impacting the seven spheres of society.

Once a week, we have sewing classes. Our desire is for the mothers who attend to start a small business that will allow them to bring more income into their homes.


House-building Projects

We have been able to help build homes for over 25 families in need in our neighborhood of Berlin where our YWAM Campus is located.  Many families don't have the salary to build concrete homes. With the help of donations as well as short-term Missions Teams, we are able to give families better housing conditions. 

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