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Discipleship Training School (DTS)

DTS | july 22, 2024


Course Overview

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an intensive program designed to develop Christian character and to prepare you for missions, but it is also beneficial in preparation for other types of ministry. It is an amazing adventure with God that is life changing and will give you a better understanding of God and His love for all people!

The DTS consist of 3 months of lecture phase on campus (YWAM Diriamba) where every week you will learn something brand new! Following the Lecture Phase, there are two months of practical missionary work (Outreach) where you will put into practice everything you learned.


The completion of a DTS is a prerequisite for attending other training programs and for working with YWAM on a long-term basis.


Every week, we have invited teachers from around the globe who have experienced walks with the Lord. They will encourage you in your walk with God to deepen your relationship with Him. 

Topics Include
  • Intimacy with God and Hearing His voice

  • Nature & Character of God

  • Design & Purpose of People

  • Father Heart of God

  • World Views and Biblical Perspectives

  • Relationships

  • Intercession & Spiritual Warfare

  • Study and Application of the Bible

  • Methods of Evangelism


During the 3 month Lecture Phase, we also have: 

Time with Jesus

Every morning, you will start your day spending time with Jesus, which we call "quiet time." It is a devotional time, in which you will spend alone with God to learn to hear His voice and be guided by the Holy Spirit. These are essential times that will help deepen your relationship with the Lord. 

Small Group Discussions

Once a week, we have a time together in small groups to help you understand the classes by answering any questions you have and spend quality time with classmates and staff members. 


Intercession Groups

As YWAM, one of our values is Intercessory Prayer.  We believe that prayer and intercession are key ingredients to missions and for the advancement of His Kingdom.  You will learn to intercede for people, cities, and nations standing in the gap for those who are lost and broken. 

Evangelism through Arts workshops

Evangelism through Arts is a strategic way to reach the lost for Christ in inner cities, schools, university campuses, parks, and even in remote villages. In our Arts workshops, you will learn different methods of Arts for Evangelism such as painting, spoken dramas, dramas with music, and choreographies. Our goal is to reach children, youth, adults, and the elderly for the Kingdom of God. 

Praise and Worship Times

In YWAM, we are committed to worship and praise God in every aspect of our lives. During the DTS, we have worship times as a school throughout the week, as well as worship times with the people in our neighborhood of Berlin once a week. 


Practical Reading

During the Lecture Phase, you will be assigned books to read that will enhance what you are learning during classes.  These books include: Is That Really You God? by Loren Cunningham, Intimate Friendship With God, by Joy Dawson, & The Father Heart of God by Floyd McClung Jr.  You will also be assigned homework to go along with the readings and class topics. 

Weekly Local Ministry

Our YWAM Campus is located in the Neighborhood of Berlin in Diriamba.  We love the people here and are committed to "Making God Known to them."  You will have the opportunity to participate in weekly local ministries.  As a YWAM Diriamba, we have a school for children at risk located on our Campus. You will be able to do ministry with the children, youth, and adults who come every Friday to our children's ministry. Some of the other ministries we may do are the following:  house visits, praying for people in hospitals and parks, garbage-dump ministry, and Bible distribution to End Bible Poverty in Nicaragua. 

The 2-Month Outreach Phase

After 3 months of classes and getting to know God's heart, you will be able to put everything you learned into practice on Outreach to people who are hungry for Jesus.  We do one month of outreach locally in Nicaragua and one month outside the country, in Central America, South America, or Europe, depending on God's direction.  We always prayerfully consider each outreach location for every DTS.  


During this time, you will be able to engage various ministry opportunities including: door-to-door visits, open-air evangelism, evangelism through creative arts, Church presentations, relief work, and practical help.  You will do anything from helping to build an orphanage, digging a well, playing with homeless kids in the streets, praying for the elderly, and sitting in the dust in a rock quarry with a family and helping them crush rocks by hand to earn a living.  This is an unforgettable life changing experience. 



The cost of the school is broken into two parts:
Classroom Phase Cost:
  • US $1600 (payable in installments for Tuition) 

Scholarships (in the form of discounted tuition) are available for students from Nicaragua, Central/South America and developing nations. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage students from all parts to receive the training.

The Classroom Phase fee includes housing, food, instruction and study materials. The fee does not include personal items or needs.

Outreach Phase Cost:

The Outreach Phase costs vary, based on location, transportation costs, etc. We frequently do at least half of the outreach in Nicaragua.

How to Apply:

Complete your application in the following link  or write to



Eva Muñoz Galeano

"For me, the DTS was a time of surrender, a honeymoon with God. I learned to have a personal relationship with God, starting my day talking with Him and to dedicate everything that I do to Him..." read more


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