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Meet our Staff

Don & Barbara Johnson


Don & Barbara Johnson came to Nicaragua in December of 1989 to pioneer Youth With a Mission in Nicaragua, with the desire of discipling the nations (especially Nicaraguans) and raising up people who would love God and be a light to their nation and even go as missionaries to other nations. They are base directors of our Campus in Diriamba, leaders of our training schools, work in the Communications department, Pastoral care, as well as on the leadership team of YWAM Central America. 

If you don't find them on Campus, you can find Don & Barbara studying to teach the Bible, communicating and doing logistics, handing out tracts & evangelizing or doing a house visit & pastoral care. They enjoy spending time with their family in the USA and especially their four beloved grandsons. 

Martha, Andrea, Massiel, Gabriel


Martha (we call her Martita) has been with YWAM Diriamba for over 30 years. She is the director of our My Little Light Elementary and High School & is on the leadership team of YWAM Nicaragua.  She is passionate about discipling the youth and children of our neighborhood of Berlin. She pours out her compassion, generosity, time, wisdom, mercy, & love on the neighborhood. She is a true example of a follower of Christ. She loves with her whole heart. When she isn't running the school or doing logistics, she enjoys time with her daughter Andrea and taking care of her niece Massiel & nephew Gabriel. 


Phillip, Xotchil, Rebecca, Mikayla, Ian, Matthew

USA & El Salvador

Philip, Xotchil are leaders of the School of the Bible (SOTB) as well as are on the leadership team of our YWAM Diriamba Campus. They are both amazing Bible teachers & wonderful parents to their four children: Rebecca, Mikayla, Matthew & Ian. They enjoy spending time in family as well as are very hospitable always inviting others to join them for dessert & a movie at their home. They love making people feel right at home on Campus.  They are also involved in discipleship in our neighborhood, mercy ministries, & Bibles for Nicaragua.  

Rebecca is a 7-year-old light for Jesus, constantly listening to His voice and being obedient, whether giving a word of encouragement, a drawing, or even an offering to someone! She is definitely an example to follow. 

Mikayla is a joyful 2-year-old who loves to make people smile and spend time with them. She is everyone's little niece here on Campus. 

Matthew & Ian are the Allen twins who came into our YWAM family in December of 2018.  They are a miracle and gift from God. 

Melissa Hernández


Melissa has been with YWAM for over 8 years. She has a passion to disciple youth and guide them to an intimate relationship with God. She encourages people to get out of their comfort zones. She is leader of the Discipleship Training School (DTS), on the leadership team of YWAM Diriamba, works in our finance office, as well as logistics & hospitality. If you can't find her teaching, translating, or doing logistics, you'll most likely find her in the finance office where she'll greet you with a smile and even offer you a listening ear or advice. She faithfully and wisely keeps our ministry finances in line so that everything runs smoothly.  

She loves her family, enjoys going to the beach, reading, and going to watch a movie at the Theater! 


Kelley & Sarah Vincent


Kelley & Sarah have been on staff with us for 10 years, and with YWAM for over 40 years! Their passion is to disciple nations through Education as well as raise up and train teachers who can teach every class subject based on the Principles of the Bible. They lead the Teachers for the Nations (TFN) school, on the leadership team of YWAM Diriamba, direct the Bibles for Nicaragua to End Bible Poverty project, as well as train the teachers of My Little Light School on our Campus.  When Kelley isn't teaching or studying, he is working on his book of Providential History in the Americas. Sarah (Sarita) values quality time with people talking with them, & talking to her sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren through FaceTime. They impart wisdom, compassion, and love to all those around them.

Tiffany Colt


Tiffany works on staff on the Discipleship Training School (DTS), in the Communications department, & on the hospitality team. She has been with YWAM Diriamba for 7 years, and is passionate about discipling youth and children to go deeper in their relationships with God. When she isn't working in Communications, or organizing logistics & housing for guests or a team, she enjoys the outdoors, going hiking, and painting. 

Evers & Marisol Carballo


Evers is leader of the Bible School for the Nations (BSN) and on the leadership team of YWAM Diriamba. He and Marisol have been in YWAM for over 20 years. Evers enjoys constantly studying the Bible and teaching in DTS & Bible Schools. His heart of service is seen through everything he does inside and outside of the classroom. He keeps our Campus in tip-top shape, working on maintenance and repairs. He is passionate about discipling the boys in our neighborhood of Berlin through our soccer ministry, in which he trains & coaches them, as well as spends quality time with them. When he isn't on Campus, Evers enjoys spending time with Marisol and their four children.  

Sayda Gonzalez


Sayda is passionate about sharing the Gospel through Evangelism, and loves to intercede for the nations. She brings joy to our Campus with her contagious laughter and fun personality. She is staff of the School of the Bible (SOTB) and is a teacher in our My Little Light School. She loves to disciple people, do house visits, teach & preach in her Church, sing on our worship team, and spend time with her family. 

Veronica Castro


Veronica (Vero) is constantly making people laugh with her jokes and fun personality. She says that cooking is an art, and manages our Kitchen menu & meals. She passionately disciples teen girls of our neighborhood in our Princess ministry as well as one-on-one. She works as staff of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) as well as doing whatever needs done around Campus. She loves dogs and especially our Campus dog Belle.  She enjoys spending quality time with people, going for a bike ride, or serving others by doing their hair or a pedicure! 

Natividad Urtiaga Reyes


Naty has a passion for discipling youth. Her determination and perseverance in the lives of the kids in our My Little Light School have made a life-long impact. Whatever she does, she puts her whole heart into and does it with excellence. She enjoys getting to know the people of our neighborhood and really being a part of their lives. She likes going on walks, playing volleyball on Campus, and talking with her family. 


Gabriela Gago Vado


Gabriela (Gaby) has a fun personality and contagious smile. She loves to talk and tell a funny joke.  She teaches in our My Little Light School as well as works on our Hospitality Team. If you don't find her sitting outside one of the cabins chatting with someone, she will be reading or spending time with her family. She also works discipling the girls considered at risk between the ages of 8-11 in our Princess Ministry. Gaby has much to impart to these girls from the neighborhood, as she is also from Berlin! She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with them and encouraging them to not give up and to keep walking forward. 

Dara Montenegro Romero


Dara has a big heart for people and the Nations. She makes people feel welcomed wherever she is. She has an adventurous spirit and is not afraid to go where others have not. She is sensitive to the Holy Spirit, His Voice, and guides others to walk closer with Him through her life example.  She is a teacher in our YWAM My Little Light School for kids "at risk," disciples the Scholarship Group (who are University students who graduated our school and are completing their education), works on our Hospitality Team, as well as the Worship Team.   


Fran, Cori, Josue, Daniel Jaco

El Salvador

Fran & Cori love to serve. They are teachers in our YWAM My Little Light School and have a passion for raising up the next generation of Nicaraguans teaching Biblical Principles in every class subject.  Fran, when not teaching, is fixing up something around Campus or spending time with his wife & children. Cori is a light to all those around her and is the "mom" of our Campus. She loves to make everyone feel at home and loved. Josue enjoys playing the guitar & writing books! He is kind-hearted & servicial. Daniel makes everyone around Campus smile with his fun personality. He likes skateboarding and spending time with family & friends. 

Andres & Karen Honegger

Switzerland & Nicaragua

Andres & Karen love working with children and raising up the next generation of Nicaraguans to love & serve God. They work with My Little Light School, teaching Biblical Principles in every class subject to the children. They love spending time with family & friends & have servant's heart. 


Eva Tateana Muñoz


Eva has a generous heart. She gives of her time, laughter, and friendship with those around her. She is on staff of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and works on the Communications team of our Campus. She loves to spend time with family, especially with her little nephew Lucas. She likes to make people feel welcome and at home wherever she goes. She is courageous and walks forward in faith and obedience to what God calls her to do, despite the circumstances around her. She also loves reading, eating out, and supporting whatever is necessary at our Campus.

Dan Cruz


Dan grew up in YWAM as a missionary kid. Now he is serving God full-time as staff of YWAM Diriamba. He has a servant's heart and is passionate about knowing the Character of God and making Him known through discipleship with young people. Being on the maintenance team, he works hard to keep our Campus looking wonderful! In his free time, Dan loves to read books, drink a cup of Nicaraguan coffee, play with his niece, work out, and have quality conversations with people. 


William, Vanessa, & Daniel Lazo

El Salvador

William, Vanessa, & Daniel joined our staff this year 2020! William is a wonderful Bible teacher and easily captures the attention of the audience. Vanessa has a loving heart of service like Jesus. Little Daniel has a huge smile and always brightens up the atmosphere around him. 

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