Teachers for the Nations (TFN)


Upcoming School: July 26, 2021

Course Overview

The Teachers for the Nations (TFN) is a training school that will give the student tools for Biblical Reasoning, and how to influence every area of society through education. The student will be capacitated to teach the next generation how to be salt and light to their nation and to everyone else.  They will learn Biblical Principles and Truths that transform society and how to teach them to the next generation. The TFN has a focus on children "at risk" and on community development. This is a Spanish speaking course only (although homework can be done in English). 



TFN is for: 

Teachers, Parents, Leaders, or any Christian who has a weight to teach Truth to every sphere of society, through each subject. 

Topics Include:  

  • Christian Worldview

  • Providential History-how to discern the hand of God in History from ancient times until today.

  • How to teach Biblical Principles through every class subject. 

  • The Christian Philosophy of Man, Government, & Education. 

  • How to raise children in the ways of God. 

  • How to develop Christian Curriculum. 

  • Family Reading - The Christian key to transform society. 

  • The roll of Education in completing the Great Commission. 

The TFN includes observation hours and practice in our My Little Light School (K-9th grade), which is a school of YWAM Diriamba focussed on ministering to a community of low resources. 

How to Apply: 

We would love to hear from you! 

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